Reading Todd Henry’s book, Louder Than Words, has inspired me to articulate my own unique creative voice by drafting my personal manifesto. Intended as a public declaration of my values and goals I hope it motivates you to align your life’s goals with your own personal identity.

  1. Reduce suffering: There is no other purpose to life.
  2. Be an outsider, as only followers are part of a group.
  3. Have compassion, for people judge to be loved.
  4. Fear not your wildest fantasies, fear their never existing.
  5. There is no heaven but there is the sea.
  6. Art is the voice of your emotions.
  7. To control your response is to control the power others have over you.
  8. Be humble and reject pride, for nothing is ever your own achievement.
  9. Reality is unequivocal but there is happiness in accepting death.
  10. Never stop developing your mind and body.


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